G.E.M.M: The Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation Protocol

by Cell-Logic Australia

G.E.M.M: The Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation Protocol

In spite of thousands of expensive prescriptions written annually, research shows probiotics typically do not colonise the host, leaving no trace in stool samples within a few weeks of cessation.

Research also confirms certain routinely prescribed herbals play a role in actually destabilising the intestinal Tight Junctions, adversely affecting gut barrier integrity.

It’s time for a radical change in
the way we view gut health.

Introducing an innovative approach to harnessing the intricacies of the digestive system.

The G.E.M.M. Protocol was developed by an experienced clinician in Nutritional Medicine and global leader in the field of Clinical Nutrigenomics, Dr Christine Houghton (PhD, BSc, Grad.Dip.Hum.Nutr, R.nutr.) after many years of extensive research into the complexities of digestive health and the intricate connections that link the gut to every other system of the body.

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“The science is complex; the implementation is simple.”

The essential elements of the sciences of Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology and Nutrigenomics have been incorporated into an approach that harnesses the inbuilt processes of our cells.

Put simply: G.E.M.M. adopts an innovative approach in its goal to mimic the way Mother Nature restores our health. This is quite different from popular approaches which aggressively target unwanted bacteria and other undesirable gut microbes.

By contrast, G.E.M.M. is both gentle and very effective, supporting the inbuilt defence and repair processes within our cells.

Become a G.E.M.M. Accredited Clinician with the G.E.M.M. Foundation Course.

What does the G.E.M.M. Foundation Course entail?

The self-paced online course of 12 hours of total learning time, is comprised of 8.5 hours of online video learning and the balance in extensive resources which include the G.E.M.M. implementation guide.

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As a G.E.M.M. Accredited Clinician, you will gain exclusive access to:

  • The Global Online Directory: Referrals from the Clinician Education team.
  • The G.E.M.M. Accredited Marketing Kit.
  • The G.E.M.M. Protocol Member-Only Facebook Community: Members share and learn from each other’s patient cases, and get support from the Clinician Educators.
  • Up-skill programmes offered annually for all G.E.M.M. trained clinicians.

Medford also provides local support in the following ways:

Protocols: Our on-staff practitioners have completed the G.E.M.M. course.

Products: G.E.M.M. Integra Nutritionals and Medford Practitioner Exclusive Products.

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