Multi-pronged support for cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Cognitive health issues impact individuals across all demographics and ages. While age can be a contributor, cognitive impairment is not an inevitable factor of ageing. Lifestyle interventions and supplementation can all be vital components to cognitive wellbeing.

Introducing Medford’s Bacognize®
Bacognize® is a proprietary, clean label extract from Bacopa monnieri whole herb, standardised to bacopa glycosides for adaptogenic and cognitive support.

The Bacopa monnieri in Medford’s Bacognize® is extracted via a special process which preserves the natural spectrum of the herb. It contains a high amount of Serotonin-Active Bacopa Glycosides (SABG) and Bacosides, which are both vital components of the cognitive function enhancing effects of Bacognize®.

The unique potency of Bacognize® lies in its ability to effectively target cognitive health as well as emotional well-being, owing to its interaction with the serotonergic receptor site 5HT1a.

Clinically researched excellence: Bacognize® surpasses conventional Bacopa extracts

In contrast to standard Bacopa extracts, Bacognize® stands out for its diverse clinical advantages, substantiated by rigorous research. Studies demonstrate both immediate and long-term benefits across a broad demographic, encompassing all age groups. Bacognize® has been clinically proven to enhance memory, mood, attention, focus, emotional balance, and sleep.


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