100% whole bioactive broccoli sprout powder (EnduraCell®) providing 13,2 mg sulforaphane yield per 2 capsules.

Advanced nutrigenomic supplementation
Nutrigenomic formulations, the new paradigm of supplementation, are beyond simple micronutrient supplements, as they influence gene ‘expression’ to enhance cell function, allowing for a more positive health outcome.

Sulforaphane enhances the two crucial defence processes that govern much of the body’s cellular functionality:

  1. Up-regulation of the endogenous and defensive primary antioxidants at a cellular level in the body (glutathione, catalase and SOD). Primary antioxidants ‘switch on’ the front line defence in the body to counter free radical stress.
  2. Activation of the principal detoxification enzymes to support cellular and liver detoxification and protect against toxin exposure.

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