This comprehensive and advanced, nutrigenomically-active multi-nutrient supplement was developed as a core formulation to support primary cellular defences.

A nutrigenomic supplement must possess two main characteristics in order to be effective: It must be orally bioavailable in humans, and it should have the capacity to influence gene expression.

DefenCell®, founded on the potent nutrigenomic potential of two key phytochemicals, namely EnduraCell® and Glisodin®, stands as a testament to this unique combination. These phytochemicals play a pivotal role in influencing the expression of biochemically-relevant genes, forming the core foundation of DefenCell®’s nutrigenomic approach.

  • Myrosinase-active dried broccoli sprout powder (EnduraCell®), yields clinically-relevant quantities of sulforaphane (SFN).
  • The dual-patented nutrigenomic French cantaloupe (Glisodin®), upregulates the genes coding for superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and catalase (CAT).

These plant ingredients, both with significant nutrigenomic potential, are combined with selected micronutrients to activate and support the cellular effects of DefenCell.®

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