L-Theanine (Suntheanine®)

Yoga in a bottle! Suntheanine® – the pure form of l-theanine.

Why Medford chooses Suntheanine®
L-Theanine is the basic form which is derived from green tea leaves. Suntheanine® on the other hand, is a concentrated form of L-theanine which is able to provide all of the benefits of L-theanine – While being about 10 times more potent!

Suntheanine® is the award winning, patent protected pure L-theanine from Taiyo. This isomerically pure L-isomer form of L-theanine, produced via a patented enzymatic fermentation method, which mimics the profile of green tea. It is absorbed in the small intestine via a sodium-coupled active transport process and crosses the blood-brain barrier where it is absorbed into the brain in a dose-dependent manner.

In addition, Suntheanine® is protected by over 40 patents worldwide, which ensures consistent quality and quantity of L-theanine in every product containing this ingredient.

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