JuniorScript Immune+

A tasty daily supplement for kids. Formulated to support the immune system and help the body overcome cold & flu symptoms.

Our beloved JuniorScript is currently being reformulated to further elevate its effectiveness and appeal

As part of our unwavering commitment to innovation, we consistently refine our formulas in response to the latest industry advancements and research.

Our goal is to ensure that the ‘improved’ JuniorScript not only maintains its status as a trusted and reliable customer favourite but exceeds expectations.

Rest assured, the enhanced JuniorScript will be back in stock soon!
The meticulous process of incorporating valuable customer feedback, sourcing exceptional ingredients, and meeting stringent regulatory standards takes time. Yet, we are dedicated to creating a great-tasting product that all children will love.

Thank you for your continued trust as we work to make this process truly worthwhile for you, and of course, all our little customers.