An ethyl ester, cold water fish oil concentrate – Neutral in taste and smell, presented in small, easy-to-swallow softgels – Contaminant free.

Why get omega-3 from fish oil?
Omega-3 fatty acids can be derived from other sources, such as flaxseed oil, but they need to first be metabolised in the body in order to create EPA and DHA. This process has been demonstrated to be very inefficient, and it is therefore considerably more effective to take in EPA and DHA in the form of omega-3 fatty acids derived from fatty fish.

All the quality and technology, minus the fishy smells!
With higher concentrations of EPA and DHA than standard fish oils, Medford EZmega3™ allows us to pack more omega-3 into smaller, easy-to-swallow softgels. Our patented stability technology ensures a longer shelf life, and EZmega3™ is contaminant-free. Thanks to our proprietary, patented deodorisation technology, there’s no need to worry about those fishy smells and tastes – making the omega-3 experience much more pleasant.

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