A natural enzyme with fibrinolytic activity to support healthy blood flow.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a global health concern, ranking among the leading causes of mortality. Enter nattokinase, a purified proteolytic enzyme derived from soy, recognised for its myriad cardiovascular benefits. Focused on promoting healthy blood flow, nattokinase aids in reducing CVD-related mortality.

Fibrinolysis: Nattokinase’s cardiovascular impact
Central to its mechanism is enhancing fibrinolysis – a vital biological process responsible for wound healing and blood clot regulation. By regulating fibrinolysis, nattokinase contributes to sustaining optimal blood circulation throughout the vascular system and ensuring that the body’s major organs are continually supplied with oxygen, nutrients and other necessary components for complete health. The clinical evidence supporting nattokinase underscores its ability to increase fibrinolytic activity, thereby mitigating the risk of blood clot formation.

Within the practitioner product range, Medford Nattokinase emerges as a crucial component, offering unparalleled support for cardiovascular health.

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